Just made a commit from the past couple days which sets up an admin menu, including what will become a dashboard, a settings screen (currently blank), and the experiments view. The experiments page currently lists each of the experiments, their name, its status (currently active or not), what metric is being recorded, the number of participants thus far, and the metric average and standard deviations. Down the line, I’ll probably drop the standard deviation display.

In the background, I put together a sizeable SQL query which does the statistics, including the collapsing of visitors without cookies by IP + user agent. While I’ve only looked at and talked about conversion-style metrics, but other types of metrics will require some tweaks to this SQL so I’ve laid the foundation for simple numeric metrics and those which are cumulative across visits.

The experiments display doesn’t display the averages for each of the variants right now, but the stats have been computed… I just need to code up the front-end.

A quick reminder that I’ll be traveling to Chicago tomorrow, returning on Monday, so I may be working some odd, scattered times this weekend.