Last week: successfully implemented a normal distribution CDF (culmulative distribution function) in PHP so that we now have information on confidence intervals.

I also took time to refactor the core code, moving the experiment/db-management code into a separate class (#1146). ShrimpTest’s core singleton objects are now in an MVC configuration.

I also spoke to Alex briefly on IRC regarding unit testing, as I’d like to incorporate some tests into my development. I hope to try out the WordPress-Tests framework and write some tests soon #1161.

This week: This week my focus will be slightly different, as I have three WordPress-related talks in the next week:

  1. ShrimpTest: A/B Testing for WordPress at the Bocoup Loft in Boston, Wednesday July 21st, 6:30pm
  2. Set your sites on WordPress 3.0! at the MIT WebPub interest group, Thursday July 22nd, at Noon
  3. A shorter, (more) casual version of ShrimpTest: A/B Testing for WordPress at Crowd Favorite in Denver, Monday July 26th. This event isn’t public (I think) so let me know if you’re in Denver and would like attend.

In the next week I’ll be spending a decent amount of time preparing for these talks and recovering learning from the feedback I receive on ShrimpTest. I’m looking forward to showing off this project and seeing what people think! 🙂