Just came back from giving my talk, Set Your Sites on WordPress 3.0! at the MIT WebPub user group. My thanks to the folks at WebPub and to Paul for helping make that happen.

Now back to ShrimpTest. Since my talk last night, I’ve received feedback from two people saying that they’re having trouble creating experiments. The reports say “just installed the one thats on wp.org and clicked add new button it says ‘This experiment was not found'” and “creating test results in ‘This test doesn’t exist’… I now tried using the [ab] code, and that returns same error.”

I’ve been trying to reproduce this myself this morning, and haven’t been able to, though I have noticed a couple other bugs which I’ve then fixed. I just created a bug ticket for this issue (#1163), so if anyone is able to reproduce it and could help me do so (or if it’s all working fine for you), I’d appreciate feedback on the bug or right here.