Yesterday: I was in transit most of the day, but I was able to connect with my friend and testing guru Jesse and chatted about the pros and cons of some of the optimizations suggested by Alex. We agreed that premature optimization didn’t really make sense, and it would be better to test on some larger sites first before worrying too much about scalability.

I also put together the post title variant type, and started making notes on what experiment “life cycle” hooks would be appropriate. The post type variant lets you try out different titles using a meta box:

One nice thing about the title variant type is that, because it hooks into the WordPress the_title filter, *any* reference to the title will get swapped out, not just the main title on the page. For example, below, we’re not on the experiment page itself, but the title of the page we’re testing shows up in the WordPress 3.0 magic menu, and that gets varied as well:

Today: I committed the title variant type, tested it more on my own site and found some bugs, which I then fixed. Started working on the periodic computation of experiment stats, using WP-Cron.

If you’d like to try out the post title variant type, it’s now in the trunk.