ShrimpTest aims to make it easy to do A/B testing on WordPress-based websites. However, proper usage requires some understanding of A/B testing concepts and getting to know ShrimpTest itself.

  1. Introduction to A/B testing
  2. Best practices for A/B testing
  3. Creating experiments and interpreting results with ShrimpTest
  4. Using manual (PHP) variant selection and metric recording
  5. Creating custom variant and metric types
  6. ShrimpTest action and filter reference

Sections 1-3 are recommended for content creators who wish to use ShrimpTest out of the box and do not presuppose any coding knowledge. Sections 4-6 are for developers who wish to tailor ShrimpTest to specific testing environments or applications, such as creating custom metric types or automating experiment creation and completion. These sections assume familiarity with PHP and some familiarity with WordPress plugin development.